Account with Estate of Oliver Granger, between circa 3 February and circa 2 March 1842

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Estate of , deceased,
In Account with Joseph Smith Dr.
1840 Jan To Amt. for said , to , paid, $1000.00
Witnesses names to prove the above account, said [,] ,
1840 Jan.— To Amt. paid James Holman, on said ’s account for money loaned of him— $2000.00
Witnesses, Holman &
1840— March 11th To Amt. paid for horse sold said $40.00
Witness ,
To Amt paid Peter Hawes [Haws] for said ,— $1200.00
Witness Peter Hawes, business done by , dec[ease]d
1841 July 5th To Amt. paid Samuel Clark on said ’s order, dated July 5th 1841, which amt. was paid out of my own, instead of said ’s property $101.00
1839— May 28— To Amt. paid Charles W. Hubbard, for said , on Lot No. 1 in Block No. 16 on plat of City of $142.50
Witness, Charles W. Hubbard, of
1840— March— To Amt. paid John Kelley [Kelly], to lift Mortgage <​Deed​> to him for land in to which said had no title—} $250.00
Witness, , decd
1841 1840. Jany— To Amt. paid Isaac Davis, to satisfy mortgage executed by said to said Davis, to secure money loaned by said Davis to said ,— $500.00
Witnesses— , Peter Hawes, & [blank] Davis—
1840— Jany— To Cash loaned by me to said , $500.00
Witness , decd.
1840 " To Amt. paid for said ’s a/c of bill of Surveying— $90.00
1840 Apl. To Amt loaned said to go to $60.00
Witness— , James Holman & $5883.50
Joseph Smith [p. [1]]
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    This is an abbreviation for debits.  

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    In January 1840 LeBaron, a church member, loaned $1,000 to the church through Granger. In return LeBaron received a promissory note for later repayment. In June 1842 LeBaron wrote to JS seeking payment of the remaining $815.00, which JS repaid in land. (Alonzo LeBaron, Nauvoo, IL, to JS, Nauvoo, IL, 29 June 1842, JS Collection, CHL; Hancock Co., IL, Deed Records, 1817–1917, vol. V, pp. 385–386, 2 July 1842, microfilm 954,605, U.S. and Canada Record Collection, FHL.)  

    U.S. and Canada Record Collection. FHL.

  3. 3

    Church records indicate that Holman was a member of the church living in Nauvoo, Illinois, by 1842. (Book of the Law of the Lord, 77, 352.)  

  4. 4

    Guymon once owned a horse-powered mill in Blythe Township, Caldwell County, Missouri, and likely owned several horses. By 1842 Guymon was living in Nauvoo, Illinois. (Foote, Autobiography, 15 Sept. 1838, 29; Nauvoo, IL, Tax List, 1842, p. 186, microfilm 7,706, U.S. and Canada Record Collection, FHL.)  

    Foote, Warren. Autobiography, not before 1903. Warren Foote, Papers, 1837–1941. CHL. MS 1123, fd. 1.

    U.S. and Canada Record Collection. FHL.

  5. 5

    In March 1840 the Nauvoo, Illinois, high council appointed Haws to “negotiate a loan of one thousand dollars, to be paid to William White on certain lands.” It is possible that the $1,200 mentioned in the featured text was related to the proposed $1,000 loan. Alternatively, the debt could have been related to Haws’s September 1840 purchase of the steamboat Des Moines on behalf of the church for $4,866.38. (Minutes, 8 Mar. 1840, underlining in original; Robert E. Lee to Peter Haws, Indenture, Quincy, IL, 10 Sept. 1840, CHL.)  

    Lee, Robert E. Indenture, to Peter Haws, Quincy, IL, 10 Sept. 1840. CHL.

  6. 6

    Thompson died in late August 1841. (“Death of Col. Robert B. Thompson,” Times and Seasons, 1 Sept. 1841, 2:519.)  

    Times and Seasons. Commerce/Nauvoo, IL. Nov. 1839–Feb. 1846.

  7. 7

    Clark held an obligation against Granger for land the latter purchased from church member Abel Owen. In October 1840 Granger purchased Owen’s farm, and the farms of several other church members living in Oswego County, New York, using land in the Nauvoo area as payment. Granger intended to use the farms to repay a church debt owed to the New York mercantile firm of John Hitchcock & Son. On 5 July 1841 Granger instructed JS to send Clark $101 as payment for the obligation. (Abel Owen and Betsy Owen to Oliver Granger, Deed, 10 Oct. 1840, Hiram Kimball, Collection, CHL; Oswego Co., NY, Deeds, 1792–1902, vol. 32, pp. 32–33, 10 Oct. 1840; pp. 33–34, 9 Oct. 1840; pp. 34–35, 10 Oct. 1840; pp. 35–36, 9 Oct. 1840, microfilm 1,011,773, U.S. and Canada Record Collection, FHL; John Hitchcock & Son to Cahoon, Carter & Co., Bill, ca. 12 Oct. 1836, JS Office Papers, CHL; Pay Order from Oliver Granger, 5 July 1841.)  

    Kimball, Hiram. Collection, 1830–1910. CHL.

    U.S. and Canada Record Collection. FHL.

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    TEXT: Possibly “plot”.  

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    On 28 May 1839 Hubbard, a church member, purchased a $220 parcel of land located on block 140 in Nauvoo, Illinois. According to a church record book, he paid $142.50 on that day and agreed to pay $77.50 by November 1840. It is not clear why JS considered this to be a debt against Granger, but it is possible that (as with the previous line item) the land had been JS’s personal property rather than church property. Though the featured text indicates that the land was “on plat of City of Nauvoo,” the city was not officially platted until a few months later. (Trustees Land Book A, White Purchase, block 140, lot 1; Hancock Co., IL, Plat Books, 1836–1938, vol. 1, pp. 37–39, Nauvoo Plat, 3 Sept. 1839, microfilm 954,774, U.S. and Canada Record Collection, FHL.)  

    U.S. and Canada Record Collection. FHL.

  10. 10

    On 29 May 1839 Granger purchased over twenty-six hundred acres of land in Lee County, Iowa Territory, from land speculator Isaac Galland. In November of that year, Granger sold Kelly land located in Des Moines Township, Lee County. (Lee Co., IA, Land Records, 1836–1961, Deeds [South, Keokuk], vol. 1, pp. 507–509, 29 May 1839, microfilm 959,238; vol. 2, p. 86, 15 Nov. 1839, microfilm 959,239, U.S. and Canada Record Collection, FHL.)  

    U.S. and Canada Record Collection. FHL.

  11. 11

    Davis apparently held a mortgage against Granger. In April 1840 JS agreed to pay Davis $500 worth of land (in this case, four hundred acres) to release Granger from the mortgage. (JS to Isaac Davis, Bond, 11 Apr. 1840, JS Collection, CHL.)  

  12. 12

    A lawyer and surveyor, Ripley was appointed bishop of the church branch in Lee County, Iowa Territory, on 5 October 1839. Sometime in 1839 Ripley surveyed and drew a plat map of the area south of Montrose, Iowa Territory, locating tracts that were apparently deeded to Granger. The $90 JS paid may have been payment for this or another survey in the area. (Minutes and Discourses, 5–7 Oct. 1839; Alanson Ripley, Iowa Plat Surveys, 1839, Hiram Kimball, Collection, CHL.)  

    Kimball, Hiram. Collection, 1830–1910. CHL.

  13. 13

    After Granger was appointed to preside over the church in Kirtland, Ohio, in May 1839, he was given an authorization to “go forth and engage in vast and important concerns as an agent for the Church” and that instructed the “Saints scattered abroad” to provide Granger with the means to redeem the debts of the First Presidency. After spending winter 1839–1840 in Nauvoo, Illinois, Granger was again assigned in April to travel east to settle business matters on behalf of the church. (Minutes, 4–5 May 1839; Authorization for Oliver Granger, 13 May 1839; Nauvoo Stake High Council Minutes, fair copy, 12 Apr. 1840, 55.)  

    Nauvoo Stake High Council Minutes, ca. 1839–ca. 1843. Fair copy. In Oliver Cowdery, Diary, Jan.–Mar. 1836. CHL.

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