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Feb. 8th 1835
the Sabeth before this meeting Br Joseph My & came down to my house after the meeting was over and sung for me, and the spirit of the Lord was pord [poured] out upon us. I told them I wanted the Brethrin to gether, that went up to Zion last summer in the for I have a Blesing for them: upon which the fo◊◊◊◊s this meeting was cauld [called]— Page 564— line 3
Page 564 Br Joseph Smith Jun after making many remarks upon the subject of chusing the 12 he wanted an expreshion from the Bretherin if they would be satisfide to have the Spirit of the Lord dictate in the chois [choice] of the Elders to be apostls. where upon all the Elders exprest the anxious desire to have it so——
X Page 570——
Page 571 in last Apriel [April]
<​The​> Page 575 The April or May Relap◊◊d
Page 582 March 28th 1835
the revetation [revelation] spoken of was desired by and 2 or 3 others. Br & thought they had revetation enuff till be they had magnefied our Couting [calling]
Re[a]d to Page 588
An attempt was made in the foregoing council to criminate the twelve before the High Council for cutting off . <​but​> After the attempt had totally failed I. told the <​Hall decided that the High​> Council they had nothing to do with the Twelve or the decisions of the Twelve, but if the Twelve errend [erred] they were accountable only to the Gene[r]al Councils of the Authorities of the <​whole​> Church. according to the Revelation. [p. [1]]
622 line 3.—
Elder & prefired a charge vs Elder . in consequce of s saying “it is a pity that women, whose husband cannot do any thing for their them, comfort, should be obliged to bear children evry year.”
I told of the Temple commettee that it we must sustain the Twelve & not let them go down, if we do not they must go down, and if they go down we must go down for the burden is on them & is coming on them therein Heavy a & we must sustain them.
769 make addition 41 line Josephs family and others to <​2​>
rejected page 770
Collins [James Collin] Brewster 775 to be corrected
756 for corrections
& Inquiries to be made for Book a record <​see references​> p 789
page 799— 13 line correction, addition to be made by Jo S
[11 lines blank except for a few random letters and words]
Painting Elder was obliged to leave his studies <​the Hebrew​> Hebrew Class and superindence the paintig of lower Boom untill completed finish’d [p. [2]]
page 844 5th line from bottom
with the his own gun after he had surrenderd <​it up to the mob​> This barbarous act was committed in the pree presence of Brig Genl commander of the advance Guard an as testified by himself in the presence of <​Col Smith of ​> and about 20 others on board the [remainder of page blank] [p. [3]]
Feb. 8th 1835
Memorandums of [p. [4]]


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