Additions to “Church History,” September 1843, Draft

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Messrs Editors:— The church of Jesus Christ of Latter day saints was founded upon direct revelation, as the true church of God has ever been, according to the scriptures: -[Amo[s] 3:7. and acts 1:2]- and through the will of God <​and​> blessings of God, I have been an instrument, in his hand, thus far, to move forward the cause of Zion: Therefore, in order to fulfill the solicitations of your letter of July last, I shall commence with my life. [p. [1a]]
After <​From​> this awful, bloody, and inhuman expulsion from <​by​> the government, and people of <​from​> , we found an asylum and friends in the state of . Here, in the fall of 1839, we commenced a city called , in , which, in 1840, recei in December 1840, recived an act of incorporation from the legislature of , and is endowed with as liberal powers as any city in the , upon every point connected with increase and prosperity, has exceeded the most sanguine expectations of thousands. It now contains near 1500 houses and more than 15,000 inhabitants: The charter contains, besides among its important powers, privileges or immunities, the <​A​> grant for “the University of ,” with the same liberal powers of the ; where all the arts and sciences will grow with the growth, and strengthen the strength of this beloved of the saints of the last days. Another very commendatory pr[o]vision of the charter, is that that portion of the citizens subject to Military duty, are organized into a body of independent military men, styled the “Nauvoo Legion,” whose highest officer had <​has​> the rank, and is commissioned Lieutenant General. This Legion, like other independant bodies of troops in this Republican government, is at the disposal of the Govern [p. 1[b]]
or and presid of the , and president of the . There is also an act of incorporation <​for​> an agricultural and manufacturing association, as well as the association.
Since the organization of this church its progress has been rapid, and its gain in members regular. Besides, these , where nearly every place of notoriety has heard the glad tidings of the gospel of the son of God, Ireland and Scotland have shared largely in the fulness of the everlasting a Gospel, and many hundreds thousands have come into the new and everlasting Covenant, and some have already gathered with there kindred saints in <​to​> this the corner stone of Zion. Missionary Missionaries of this church have gone to <​the​> East Indies, to Australia, <​Germany, Constantine, Egypt Palestine,​> the Islands of the Pacific, and are now preparing for the <​to Open​> the door in the extensive dominions of Russia.
There is no correct data by which the exact number of members composing this now extensive, and still extending church of Jesus Christ of Latter day saints can be known. Should it be supposed at 150,000 it might still be short of the truth.
Believing the bible to say what it means and mean what it says: and guided by the revelation, according to the Ancient order of the fathers, to whom <​came​> what little light from we enjoy; came, and circumscribed only by the eternal limits of the truth, this church must continue the even tenors [p. 2]
Additions to an article in the Times & Seasons. Sent to Clyde Williams And Co. Publishe[r]s—
September— 1843
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