Affidavit from Andrew M. Hamilton and James B. Hamilton, 20 December 1843, William W. Phelps Copy

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State of Illinois) Ss
On the 20th. day of December 1843 personally appeared before a Justice of the peace in and for said Andrew M. Hamilton, & of in said and being duly sworn depose and say that on the evening of the second day of December 1843 at Vernon Doty’s Mill in said , Col. <​of said ​> as principal, With William Middleton of the County of Clark <​and state​> of , Capt [Joseph] McCoy of the same place; John Fox of <​Green Pla​> precinct, and about a dozen other men armed with pistols dirks, and bowie Knives came forcibly upon at said Doty’s Mill and seized and bound him; The said told them to stand off; they said they had a writ; he observed he would not risist legal authority; They said they would take said to and there try him; The said replied “I understand you; you will take me to and then pass me over the to ,” some of said gang Said lay hold of him, God damn him! There’s no [illegible] of parleying: at which [p. [1]]
[page [2] blank] [p. [2]]
Col. with a large Bowie in his hand, And others then forced the said to submit, telling him without a Writ, that his life would be taken if he did not submit. They then tied him with silk handkerchiefs; Col and another person then led the said off, and as they passed your affiants within the distance of about four rods; the said cried out to one of your said affiants: “Tell my friends Where I am Gone.” told said to hold his peace for it was of no use: William Middleton then got a horse and after tying him upon upon said horse as sworn to before by an other witness, they then convey him to <​without​> writ or trial as your affiant verily believe. [p. [3]]
Decr. 20th. 1843
affidavit of Andrew M. Hamilton and respecting the Kidnapping of — [p. [4]]


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    Docket in handwriting of Thomas Bullock.