Affidavit from Truman Gillet Jr., 18 June 1844, Draft

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State of Illinois) ss [scilicet]—
City of )
June 18th 1844 Personally appeared <​​> before me, , Recorder of the city of , and after being duly Sworn deposeth and Saith, that on or about the first day of June 1842— while was passing up the Ohio River on Steamboat Massachusets, he <​ over​> heard Two men, one as ref a resident of . and the other of , as reported, conversing together concernig incidents in on the upper , <​when​> one said to the other “if could have Succeeded in getting an introduction for us to “Jo” Smith. Damn him, we would have gagged him. or nabbed him, and damn him all hell could not have rescued him from our hands.”— The next morning, got in conversation with the man before mentiond from , who stated that he “had been on the upper on business, that he stopped at <​on his way down​> with some twelve or fouten [fourteen] other Men. <​X​> called <​th[e]y​> called on <​in the evening​> as being the most likely man to <​only whom to​> get <​to get an introduction​> an introduction to their great Prophet, <​and went with them to the gate where they we[re] stopped by the police​> and it was well for him that we did not <​succeed​> get an introduction to him.— asked the man <​said​> if Did know your business?— “Yes,” And he replied, Yes! asked what have you agist [against] Joseph Smith? Did he ever injure you? “No”! “The man replied no! but he has others,” Did you ever see him?” “Yes— I was one who helped run [p. [1]]
June 18— 1844 City of
Deposition [p. [2]]


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