Agreement with Ovid Pinney and Stephen Phillips, 14 March 1837

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Article of an Agreement Made and entered into this Fourteenth day of March in the Year of our Lord one Thousand Eight Hundred and Thirty Seven between Joseph Smith Jr. Cashier of the or Kirkland Safety Society Anti Banking and President of the same—— by their Agent of the Town of County of Geauga—— and State of ohio of the first party And Ovid Pinney & Stephen Phillips of the Township of New Seweekly [New Sewickley] County of Beaver and State of Pennsylvania of the Second part
That the partys of the first part for and in consideration hereafter mentioned hath and doth agree that they will furnish of the Bills of the Kirkland Safety Soeciety Bank or Anti Banking the Sum of—— Forty Thousand Dollars to the Second party and let them have the same and put them in circulation for four Years from this date— Ten Thousand Dollars they are to have on Signing this agreement—— Ten Thousand Dollars as soon as they can get the first in circulation or within two months or at any time when Calld. for, <​and Twenty Thousand Dollars also when called for​> The two last Sums are to be called for at the Banking House in . And the party of the first part do further agree that they will alwais redeem the same money at their office in the Township of County of— Geauga— and State of ohio Whenever offered and pay Current Money for the same and that we <​they​> will at all times take our <​their​> own notes as paymen[t] for any debts that Pinney & Phillips are bound to us <​them​> for the payment off. And we do further agree with the Second party that all money marked for them when redeemed at our office we will let them have it again for circulation.
The second party doth agree with the first party that they will take their Bills and try to put them in circulation and at the expiration of the four Years we bind ourselves to pay to the Said party of the first [p. [1]] part the Sum of Forty Thousand Dollars if we receive the Same either in paper we receive or Their own Bills or Current Money of the State of or , and we do further agree if the Bills are got in Circulation and the same or any of them are returned and redeemed by the first party on being notified by the Cashier of the Bank by Letter directed to Beaver Post Office Penn if we have not the Same amt. of their Bills in our possessi[o]n and not our Signature we will immediately Send to him a check on the Branch Bank of the United States at New Brighton to redeem the Same or one on the Branch Bank of Pittsburgh at Beaver
we do further agree that we will on receiving the Bills write one of our names across the face of the Bills or cause Some other person his— whose Signature we will acknowledge as one of ours by which our Bills may at all times be designated.
We do further agree on receiving the next Ten Thousand Dollars if this Can be put into circulation we will make a deposite of Three Thousand Dollars in the Bank of the first party to redeem our Bills when they Come in—
The fir[s]t Ten Thousand Dollars is received and acknowledged on this agreement with the following Signatures one half is Signed by Stephen Phillips or James McConnel and the other half is Signd by Ovid Pinney or AB Hull whose names one of them is on each bill and each mans names & Signature is on this Article.
The interlining on the opposite Side was done before the Signing of this agreement
In Witness whereof we have hereunto Set our hands and Seals the day & year first above written
agent Seal
Ovid Pinney Seal
S Phillips Seal
In Pressce of}
AB Hull
JM Cannel [James McConnel] [p. [2]]
Article of Agreement between Joseph Smith J. & Ovid Pinney Stephen Phillips
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    Several extant Kirtland Safety Society notes bear the names of Ovid Pinney and A. B. Hull, demonstrating that they wrote their names on the notes that were given to them as they agreed to do. (See Kirtland Safety Society Notes, 4 Jan.–9 Mar. 1837; No. 735, No. 948, No. 1005, No. 913, No. 551, No. 1090, Kirtland Safety Society Notes, Jan. 1837–Mar. 1837, Coin and Currency Collection, CHL.)  

    Coin and Currency Collection, no date. CHL.

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    Signatures of Sampson Avard, Ovid Pinney, and Stephen Phillips.  

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    TEXT: Each instance of “Seal” is enclosed in a hand-drawn seal. Handwriting of A. B. Hull.  

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    Signatures of A. B. Hull and James McConnel.