Agreement with Zebedee Coltrin, 26 June 1837

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This agreement made this 26 day of June A. D. 1837 By and betwen Joseph Smith Jr of the Town of County of Geauga & state of Ohio of the first part and of place aforesaid of the seccond part Wi[t]nesseth that the said Smith agrees to pay to the said party of the seccond part the sum of one thousand & nine hundred dollars The conditions of this agreement are as follows the said is to finnish off the <​house​> commonly Known as the Barton house owned by Miss Polly Vose agreeably to a memorandum of an agreement made betwen & Dated the 28th day of Dec. A. D. 1836 also the said smith agrees to pay the said such sums of money or other property as he can raise immediately or from time to time according to his circumstances to help the said in accomplishing the said Job the hands that work on the said house which are boarded by the said Smith are not to be set by the said to any other work while they they are boarded by said Smith excepting on the said house only the said Smith is to reserve a sufficiency of the above stipulated sum of to pay the hands that work on the said Job the said agrees <​to see​> that the <​workmen​> are fithfull [faithful] and that they do good & faithfull days works while <​they are​> boarded by said Smith (Said agrees to pay said smith two dollars and twenty five [c]ents per week for boarding said hands) the said agrees to finnish two lower rooms immediately for the accommodations of Mrs Fanny Brewer which she can occupy as soon as finished [p. [1]] the said agrees to see all the moneys and property which is paid to him by said smith from time to time well and faithfully laid out on the said house untill the said house is completed and the said is to have the said Job <​is to be​> completed by the first day of September next at which time the said Smith is to take possession of said house by his paying the ballance due said when finished and excepted or by his giving good and sufficient security security and upon the signing of this agreement the old contract made betwen and is to be nul & void as to the forfeitures of the same but the work is to be done according to the old contract mentioned above but if the said should fail to finish the job in a workman like man[n]er according to the old memorandum specified by the time mentioned in this agreement it is to be left to good Judges of such work to say what the damage shal be and the parties shall abide by the decision of said Judgeds as shall <​be​> apprise <​by ​> said damage be selected to affirm said damage said Judges to be agreeed to by both parties All Lumber that belongs to the <​said​> house is to be held in the contract for the benefit <​or completion​> of said house
Joseph Smith Jr
In presence of
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June 26th 1837
Received this Day Six Hundred Dollars in pay on this contract
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    Signatures of JS and Zebedee Coltrin.  

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    Witnessed by Lucien Woodworth.  

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    Notation in handwriting of Zebedee Coltrin.