Alias Fieri Facias, 3 July 1845 [Coolidge Administrator of the Estate of JS v. Reynolds and Wilson]

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State of Illinois,) Sct. [scilicet]
The People of the State of , To the of the County of <​​> , Greeting:
WE again COMMAND YOU, That of the goods and Chattels, Lands and tenements of and which shall be found in your , You cause to be made the sum of Forty— Dollars and damages cents costs which & one hundred and five Dollars and fifty cents costs which administrator of the estate of Joseph Smith deceased lately recovered against them in the Circuit Court of said County of as appears of record; and this you are not to omit under the penalty of what the law prescribes. And have those moneys at the Clerk’s Office of said Court at , within ninety days from the date hereof, together with this writ, with an endorsement thereon as to the manner in which you executed the same.
Witness, Charles T. Chase, Clerk of said Court, and the seal thereof at , in said County of this third day of July A. D. 1845.
Charles T. Chase CLERK.
The will collect interest on the above <​damages​> from May 10th A. D. 1844.
Chas T. Chase CLERK.
The above judgment <​upon​> Which this is issued has been assigned to
C. T. Chase clk [p. [1]]
No. [blank]
admrof the estate of Joseph Smith deceased
& .
$[blank] Debt,
$40.00 Damages,
$105[.]50 Costs,
Deft’s Fee Bill $1.87
Total amount $[blank]
JUDGMENT, May 1845.
This writ issued July 3 1845.
Return day, Oct 2 1845.
Levying , $0.50
Advertising property, 25
[blank] miles travel, [blank]
Commission on $[blank] [blank]
Certificate of purchases, 25
Returning Execution, 12½
Total amount, $[blank]
Receved this Execution for Colection Augast the 10. 1845
Dpt Shff
I return the within Execution in Consiquence of it being an illegal writ, it should be a Execution,
Sept 12th. 1845
Dpt Sheff
V ex issued Nov 11th 1845
Costs 108.31 [p. [2]]


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    Docket and notations printed with manuscript additions in handwriting of Charles Chase.  

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    Notations in handwriting of Joseph A. Kelting.  

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    Notation in handwriting of Joseph A. Kelting.  

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    Notation possibly in handwriting of Miner R. Deming.