Alias Scire Facias, 4 October 1842 [Bump Administrator of the Estate of Stannard v. Young and JS]

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The State of Ohio)
ss [scilicet])
To the Sheriff of said — Greeting:—
Whereas Claudius Stannard on the third day of April A.D. 1838 in our Court of Common Pleas within and for the County of recovered a Judgment against & Joseph Smith Junior in a certain action of for the sum of two hundred fifty six dollars and forty cents damages and nine dollars and eighty three cents costs amounting in all to two hundred sixty six dollars and twenty three cents, and whereas afterwards and before execution thereupon had the said Claudius Stannard died intestate, after whose death letters of Administration were granted in due form of law to , and whereas the said Judgment still remains unsatisfied as we are informed by the said . We therefore command you as before that you make known to the said and Joseph Smith Junior that they appear before the Judges of our said Court of Common Pleas forthwith to show cause if any there be why the said as such Administrator might not to have execution against them for the damages and costs aforesaid: And further to do and receive what our said Court shall then and there consider of them in this behalf. And have you then there this writ. Witness [p. 475] Reuben St John Clerk of said Court this 4th day of October A.D. 1842
Reuben St John Clerk— [p. 476]


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