Appeal and Minutes, 21 June 1833

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I, , haveing been tried befor the in a charge of Unchristian like conduct with the female sex, and myself being absent at the time and considering that strict justice was not done me. I do by these presents most solemly enter my appeal unto the council of for a re hearing, according to the privilege gurranteed to me in the which is now assembled in the school room in this 21st. June 1833— It was motioned seconded and voted that Bro be granted a re-hearing— Bro Joseph, the , opened the council by prayer— The council then proceeded to ordain two High Priests to make out the number, twelve, that the council or <​Church​> Court might be orgazized [organized], and were by the hands of Bro by the voice of the council, s case was laid before the Court & the testimony against him [was] given in by & and duly investigated. It was decided that should be forgiven because of the liberal confession which he made. This council decided that the Bishops Council decided correctly before, and that ’s crime was sufficient to cut him off from the church, but on his confession, he was restored—
<​Joseph Smith Jr—​> [p. 21]


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    See Minutes, ca. 1 June 1833.  

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    The 11 November 1831 revelation regarding church courts explained that “the president of the Court of the high priesthood shall have power to call other high priests even twelve to assist as counsellors.” (Revelation, 11 Nov. 1831–B [D&C 107:79].)  

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    Orson Hyde and Hyrum Smith were sent on a mission to western Pennsylvania by 23 March 1833. In early April, in Conneaut Township, Pennsylvania, Hyrum presided over a council of high priests that separated Hurlbut from his assigned missionary companion, Daniel Copley, apparently because of some trouble between the two men. While Copley was reassigned to preach with John F. Boynton, Hurlbut was paired with Orson Hyde. Hyde later intimated that the offense for which Hurlbut stood accused occurred while he was Hurlbut’s companion. (Minutes, 23 Mar. 1833–B; Hyrum Smith, Diary, 5 Apr. 1833, [12]–[13]; “History of Orson Hyde,” Historian’s Office, Histories of the Twelve, 1856–1858, 1861, CHL; see also Winchester, Plain Facts, 26.)  

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