Appendix 1, Document 4. Joseph Smith, Petition for New Arrest Warrant, 31 December 1842

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To his excel[page torn]cy
To his excellency
Governor of the State of
the Petition of Joseph Smith Respectfully showeth that he has come to for the purpose of being arrested upon the warrant issued against him by upon the requesitin of the of : and suing out a habeas Corpus to test the validity of the arrest and the p[ower] of the to surrender him up to the authorities of in this case— he is informed that the persons who [h]ave the said warra[n]t have been duly directed by the Secretary of to place the same in the hands of the Sheriff of [in] order that your petitioner might be arrested thereon but that the said direction has not been complied with— and that the said warrant is [n]ow at in this State— your petitioner therefore respectfully request that another or an alias warrant may be issued upon the said requisition an[d] deliver[ed] to said person in this to be served in order that your Petitioner may [p. [1]] test the right of the Executive of this to surrender your Petition to the Executive of upon the said requisition, by habeas corpus upon petitioner makes this request for the sole pupose of having this question settled by the Judicial Tribunal it being expessly undertood that he waive none of his legal rights in making this request,
Joseph [S]mith
dated Dcmbr 3[1], 1842
<​Let a warrant issue​>
<​as within prayed f[or]​>
<​directed to the Shff of​>
<​Filed Dec. 31. 1842​> [p. [2]]


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    TEXT: Portions of text in this document are missing because of page tears. All supplied text in this transcript comes from a copy of the petition written in an unidentified hand and housed in JS Collection, CHL.  

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