Appendix 1: Letter, Lucien Woodworth to Sam Houston, 14 July 1844

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City of Ill. U. S.
July, 14— 1844.—
Maybe the Texass consul at Auosen
His Excellency ,
Dear Sir
With this, I forward you the Book of Mormon” “Doctrinis & Covenants”. of the “Latter Day Saints;” s’ ‘Voice of Warning” & Times which Set forth the views of, the <​the church of Latter Day Saints​> Saints or Mormons, <​or Mormons​>, as they are call'd; Also, the Times & Seasons of July, 1st 1844,— in which you will find correct statements concerning the Horrid Murd[e]rs of Genrels Joseph & — In Jail on the 27th ult.— by at Mob of 150 or 200.— painted & disguised men.— whose names— are well known— but the Governer , as yet has taken no action to bring them to justice,— and some I am infmd [informed] have already started for .
This does not seem to discourage the Mormons in the leet [least].— but they feel more disposed than every to carry out Gen— Smiths views— in all things.— The great excetemet [excitement] he ar[o]und us— stoppig has been sufficet [sufficient] apology for any all seeming neglect, on and I have hope your Excelle[n]cy will faver me with at Letter, stating any thing new which may have occuried.— & you shall hear from me aga[i]n [p. [1]] more perticuley [particularly]when I get a little more Leisure.— all recent occurncs [occurences] has prevented my making the propositions desired If you still consider the plan practecible [practicable], communetce [communicate] and a reply shall be forth comi[n]g.
On Of the particular views of the Mormes [Mormons]— I cannot have not time now to communetce <​write​>;— this you may expe[c]t herafter
With Sentime[n]ts of the highest considerati[o]n, I remain Sir, Your, Excellyes [Excellency’s] hu[m]ble servt
July "14 <​14​> 1844— copy
Copied [p. [2]]


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    Docket in handwriting of Willard Richards.  

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    Docket in unidentified handwriting.