Appendix 5: Council of Fifty, Minutes, 13 January 1846

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At 11 o clock the house was called to order by the chairman at 11 oclock— there being many persons here Captains of tens, fifties and hundreds who are not members of the council. The chairman stated the object in view viz to ascertain how many persons and families can get ready to start in six hours notice. He contrasted the different circumstances of the Church now and 12 years ago when they had to search every state in the to raise 205 men to go to but we can raise that amount now in almost any state. He then cautioned all present to keep all things secret which shall [be] said or done during the day. He then stated that the Government of the are determined to stop our going away as much so as the mob were to have us go away— They calculate to stop us and then aid the mob and screen them to destroy us. They speak in the name of their God which is my devil and he speaks in the name of Israels God and say “we will go and leave them.” Some will say they are not ready and if we have to wait till we get ready we shall never go till we are burned up and destroyed: We want to go whether we are ready or not.
The Lord is going to find this nation some thing to do beside hunt after the blood of the saints and innocent men. they have had that privilege for years past but will soon have something else to do.
He next called for the reports of Captains— The reports not being ready asked—after we go away from here will the tithing stop or be continued or will the be finished by voluntary contribution. &c.
He referred to the possibility of coming back here
W. Farr— reported
stated that it was impossible for any clerk to write all these reports it will take us all day and tomorrow and if all the Captains will present their reports in writing and lay them on the Table the business can soon be done
The chairman ordered that all reports be made & presented in writing Whilst the reports was preparing— the chairman said he should propose to all of our merchants that we shall leave our property here and we shall propose to them to take all their money and goods and leave them to sell the land and take their pay and if they are in debt they can sell till their debts are paid
He made some remarks concerning theives in our midst and said that let all such be exposed to the mob and let them be dealt with— No man shall be allowed to take the first piccaune and go along wit us. they shall go with the mob to hell where they belong. If <​we​> will do what is right he warrants that every man will come out right and we shall Triumph over our enemies
1st. 100 W. Farr 11 horses 8 waggons
E. Smith 10 " 8 "
W. Snow
W. Kay
3rd. 100 1st. 50s 20 " 10 "
2 " 16 " 8 ~
4 2nd. ~ 1nd 54 ~ 27 ~ 54 men & Guns—
3 ~ 114 ~ 84 ~ 9 buggys
4 ~ 30 ~ 15 ~ 15 familes ready except provis
5 ~ 64 ~ 34 ~ 3 buggys
6 ~ 60 ~ 40 ~ 6 ~ 20 families ready
7 ~ 20 ~ ~ 2/3 horses—
8 ~ 95 ~ 47 ~ 71 yoke oxen
9 ~ ~ 49 ~ 32 ~ 29
10 ~
11 ~ 26 ~ 19 ~ 24 oxen 54 cows
916 Horses 12 ~ 48 ~ 50 ~ 55 yoke 122 ~
639 Wagons 13 ~ 200 ~ 150 ~ 55 ~
18 Buggys 14 ~ ~
227 Yoke Oxen 15 ~ ~ 10 10 ~ 10 ~
70 Teams ready 16 ~ ~ 50 35 10 ~ 75 Cows
1 Company pretty muchall ready 17 ~ ~ 30 teams well fitted out
15— 24— 18 ~ ~
19 ~ ~
20 ~ ~ pretty much all ready—
21 ~ ~ 40 teams mostly horses
22 ~ ~
23 ~ ~
24 ~ ~ 40 ~ 30 ~ 10 yoke
25 ~ ~
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made some remarks concerning men and women teaching rediculous doctrines— teaching that men cant get an endowment without a man nor a man without a woman.
The chairman proposed to the Captains of 100s and 50s to use an influence to have as few women and children go as possible, and let us go and prepare a place for them so that they can come in the spring and bring their cows and other things comfortable— He shall want all those men who are in danger and who are likely to be hunted with writs to go and take their families— He also wants an influence to go from this council to have the saints quit making robes and meeting to pray in their garments.
Moved secd. & carried that we accept of the presidents proposition in relation to as many as can leave their families.
After a variety of instructions from the presidents and several items of business in regard to arrangements to go away &c the council adjourned the 50 to meet on sunday at 10 and the whole on monday at 10 to bring all the Captains of 50s with them.—
supposed 1845
Minutes of Meeting
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