Appendix 5, Document 1. Draft Notes, January 1842

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Engagements— &c
Jany 20 1 o clock P.M. at home— with [illegible] &c
Witnesses in s case to be attendd to
12 visit coal mines with &c
choses deeds— soon
12 Hymn Book wanted this eve
Book Mormon Monday Eve
Notice this eve.—
13 What motto on the doors
14 Power of Attorny. revokd. .—
Send [illegible] East. with papers &c)
call a conference of the 12th)
arrange all notes. settle with
to take into considerati[o]n Book Mormon. & covena[n]ts, & Hymn books.——
Letter to the Histor[i]an. Chicago Democrat
s Mission
paper for
Shall all the elders come from E. next [illegible]
President Joseph says it is the duty of
to go and preach. & raise means to go to
How. To have . &c come home 2 years fr[o]m n[e]xt
Spring says ?
To Quire a ship. send us a load of Merchandize— drct [direct] us.—
put funds together, bring them here purchase
land, pay them in return—
Font, when Baptize,
19[th] Answer s Letter.—
Comma[n]dment To &
gave Esqr Davis a Deed of a Block
from Joseph to his childrn to get Recordd
s notes &c.
25 Visit — Sunday
27. Committe of ways means 10 A.M.
4 miles from Ambrosia
opposite. 24. by 15— John E. Royce
Jackson Goodell. on Tythig [tithing] [p. [1]] [p. [2]]


  1. 1

    TEXT: Possibly “call”.  

  2. 2

    TEXT: Possibly “Persons”.  

  3. 3

    TEXT: Possibly “session”, “sepemer [September]”, or “seasons”.  

  4. 4

    The following was later written on the verso by Thomas Bullock and an unidentified scribe: “W.R’s Memorandums | Court Memoranda”.