Application for Licenses, circa 5 April 1834 [Johnson v. Remonstrants]

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The following persons having made application to the Court, for licenses to keep tavern, or for renewals of licenses heretofore granted to them, and having proved to the satisfaction of the Court, by the witnesses set opposite to their names, that they have the legal qualifications &c. the Court grant licenses, or renewals of the same, at the Rates set opposite to each name, to wit: .
Names Residence Rate Witnesses sworn
Asa Fifield 5.00 Abijah Merril, Noah D. Mattoon
Silas Axtell 5.00 Ferdinand Haskell, David Robbins
Jona Coolidge 5.00 Silas Axtell [blank] Russell
Abraham Sheldon 5.00 John Harmon
5 6.00 Joseph Smith Jr. John Johnson [Jr.],
Amos Parker 5.00 Joshua M. Burnett Amos Upham,
John Roberts Madison 5.00 Orlo Judson
Shepherd Eaton 5.00 N. D. Mattoon.
Benjn. T. Seely Madison 5.00
Asa Watts Auburn 5.00 Charles Wood
Joseph Rider 5.00 Edwin Palmer
Jairus Parker— 5.00 Joseph Rider.
Samuel Smith 5 6.00 Mathew Birchard <​altered to $6.00 by order of the court​>
Orrin Blossom 8.00 J. A. Tracy.
Gamaliel Adams 5.00
Andrew B Wheeler Madison 8.00 C. Wheeler,
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