Authorization for Almon Babbitt and Others, circa 4 May 1839

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This is to certify—that at a general held at Adam’s County Illinois, by the , on Saturday the 4th of May 1839.
President Joseph Smith Jr Presiding
It was Resolved
That , and be appointed a traveling committee to gather up and obtain all the libelous reports and publications which have been circulated against our Church— as well as other historical matter connected with said church which they can possibly obtain.
Joseph Smith Jr Chairman
3 Copies, one for each of the Committee. [p. 47]


  1. 1

    Although Snow gathered a few affidavits describing the difficulties in Missouri, the committee was apparently unable to obtain additional material or complete the proposed history. (Snow, Journal, 1838–1841, 57–65, 75.)  

    Snow, Erastus. Journals, 1835–1851; 1856–1857. CHL. MS 1329, box 1, fds. 1–3.

  2. 2

    JS was appointed chairman of the conference held 4–5 May 1839. (Minutes, 4–5 May 1839.)  

  3. 3

    At a conference held on 24 April 1839, Mulholland was appointed clerk pro tempore. His appointment evidently continued through the May 1839 general conference. (Minutes, 24 Apr. 1839; Minutes, 4–5 May 1839.)