Authorization for Hyrum Smith and Isaac Galland, 15 February 1841–A, in handwriting of Howard Coray

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City of Ill, Feb. 15th 1841
To the
; Grace be unto you, and peace from God the father, and the Lord Jesus Christ the Son, of the father be multiplied;
Beloved Bretheren
In accordance with the instructions I have received from our heavenly father by commandment, I have sent out unto you our beloved bretheren, and Doctor , the bearers hereof, who are approved of heaven and the church as for the transaction of such temporal and spiritual business as pertains to their calling, which is legally attested by the constituted authorities of our church— receive them as God’s noblemen; place full reliance on, and implicit confidence in them; and bless them; and the great God shall reward you openly.
Yours in the bonds of peace.
Joseph Smith of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints [p. [1]]
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