Authorization for Hyrum Smith and Isaac Galland, 15 February 1841–B

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To all whom it may concern
This may certify that the bearers of this and Doctor are duly authorized by the in this place, to visit the different of Said Church in the eastern lands, to make exchanges of lands, to sell stock in the and obtain subscriptions and donations for building the “” in this place. and all such other business as they may deem necessary for the well being and prosperity of said Church. and they have been vested with lawful authority in all things pertaining to their business transactions.
The saints abroad may place the most implicit confidence in any statement they may make, as they are persons of tried integrity and high standing in society, President has long been known to the church for his virtue patience and every principle that can adorn the christian character. has proved himself a good benefactor to the church and has been the honored instrument in the hands of God in obtaining for us our present homes and comforts and who is willing to labor with cheerfulness and diligence for the prosperity of . Let the Saints then who prefer the prosperity of Zion [p. [1]] to their chief joy and who feel interested in the prosperity of the kingdom, strengthen the hands of these our beloved bretheren for their mission and work are is of vast importance not only to the Saints in this place but to the Saints of the most High throughout the world for according to the recent instructions which have been received from our Heavenly Father great and important works have to be accomplished and great preparations have to be made for “the thousa[n]ds of Mannassah and the ten thousands of Ephraim” We hope the Saints will be moved upon to assist to their utmost those who in their poverty and under the most unpropitious circumstances have succeeded in laying the foundation for this the corner stone of that the work may continue to prosper untill the Kings and Nobles of the earth shall come to the glory and exaltation of Zion
Given under our hands at the City of this fifteenth day of February in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty one:
Joseph Smith of the
Clerk [p. [2]]


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