Blessing to Alexander Badlam Sr., 1 March 1835

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We you an and one of the . The Lord has looked upon you and seen your desires to become an instrument to do good. You shall be sent to the nations afar off, and you shall preach to them of whom now you have no knowledge. You shall go and shall have no rest without you are engaged in your Ministry. You shall go to the remote corners of the earth and teach and preach, and bring multitudes to the truth. You And you shall be an instrument to fulfil an ancient Prophecy to bring in the remnants of Moab, & Elam. Jeremiah saw you in his vision and you shall bring many multitudes to . After you have finished your ministry you shall return and embrace your companion and you both shall rejoice together: And we upon you this day, that you shall [have?] part of in the reign of a 1000 years on the earth. Amen. [p. 177]


  1. 1

    See Jeremiah 48:47; 49:39; Isaiah 11:10–14; and “The Gathering,” The Evening and the Morning Star, May 1834, 160.  

    The Evening and the Morning Star. Independence, MO, June 1832–July 1833; Kirtland, OH, Dec. 1833–Sept. 1834.

  2. 2

    Perhaps a reference to Jeremiah 23:1–4.  

  3. 3

    See Revelation 20:4–6.