Blessing to Bradford Elliott, 1 March 1835

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Bradford Elliot[t]’s blessing
You are a child, but your Heavenly Father designs to train you up for usefulness. We confirm upon you the Priesthood. We seal upon your head all the blessings of the Ancients. You shall in due time be sent forth among the nations, and be an instrument in the hands of God of doing much good. You shall live to a good old age and see the prophecies fulfilled on the head of Joseph. You shall see the sons of God coming from far. You shall be among that number who shall see the Lord descend, and be among that number. Even so Amen. [p. 169]


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    Bradford Elliott (1824–1852) was the son of David Elliott. He accompanied his father on the Camp of Israel expedition. Born on 12 January 1824, he was eleven years old at the time of this blessing. (Elliott, “Reminiscences in the Life of Orson Hyde Elliot,” 7, 50, 130.)  

    Elliott, Orson Hyde. “Reminiscences in the Life of Orson Hyde Elliott,” 1899. CHL. MS 8162.

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    See Deuteronomy 33:13–17.