Blessing to Burr Riggs, 1 March 1835

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We you to be an in the of God to go forth and preach the Gospel. May the past history of your life serve as an everlasting lesson to you. For you must go to distant nations and from this hour you must begin to prepare your business, for in temporal labors you shall not be prospered. Therefore, go forth and preach the gospel and you shall live of the gospel. You shall be among the [p. 183] nations that are afar off and you shall speak unto them in their own tongues, and stand before the great ones of the earth and cause them to tremblle before you with the mighty power of God manifested through you. And if you are faithful you shall return and rejoice in this land again. [p. 184]


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    In February 1833, a council of high priests accused Riggs “of not magnifying his calling as a high Priest in the Church of Christ,” stating that Riggs “had been guilty of neglect of duty and abusing the Elders and treating their admonition and advice with contempt.” He was formally cut off from the church on 26 February 1833 but was apparently reinstated sometime thereafter. Riggs was one of the participants in the Camp of Israel expedition. (Minute Book 1, 13 and 26 Feb. 1833; Account with the Church of Christ, ca. 11–29 Aug. 1834.)  

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    See Revelation, July 1830–A [D&C 24:9].  

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    See 1 Corinthians 9:14.