Blessing to David W. Patten, 15 February 1835

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’s blessing. O God, give this, thy servant a knowledge of thy will; May he be like one of old who bore testimony of Jesus. May he be a new man from this day forth. He shall be equal with his brethren, the , and have all the qualifications of the Prophets before him. May his body be strong and never be weary. May he walk and not faint. May he have power over all diseases, and faith according to his desires. May the Heavens be opened upon him speedily, that he may bear testimony from knowledge, that he may go to nations and isles afar off. May he have a knowledge of thing the things of the kingdom from the beginning and be able to tear down like a Lion May he have power to smite his enemies before him with utter destruction. May he continue till the Lord comes. O Father we seal these blessings upon him, even so Amen. [p. 152]


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