Blessing to Harvey Stanley, 28 February 1835

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s Blessing
You shall receive a part of this ministry to bear Glad tidings to the . In the day of pestilence and war you shall be preserved, and no man from this day forth shall despise your youth, but you shall become a polished shaft before God. Your heart shall expand untill you become a man of great wisdom. You shall see the face of your Redeemer and he shall lay his hand upon you. If all nations shall combine against you, You shall be preserved. You shall be sent for by Kings and they shall hear and dismiss thee with honor You shall be spoken of among all nations as one of the wonders of this generation. You shall [p. 166] be made glad to see your fathers house coming to a knowledge of the truth Even so Amen. [p. 167]


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    See 1 Timothy 4:12. Stanley was twenty-two years old at this time.  

  2. 2

    See Isaiah 49:2.  

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    In a charge given to those who had been selected as apostles, Oliver Cowdery stated that their ordination was “not full and complete till God has laid his hand upon [them].” He continued, “If the Saviour in former days laid his hands on his deciples. Why not in the latter Days.” (Minutes and Blessings, 21 Feb. 1835.)