Blessing to Hiram Stratton, 1 March 1835

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Hiram Stratten [Stratton]
In the name of the Lord Jesus we you to be and and one of the . You shall have part in this ministry because the Lord has proved you, that you would lay down your life for your brethren. If you are faithful you shall have great power, and that which shall be peculiar to yourself. You have a part in this ministry and shall be able to fill it. You shall be sent afar off to preach the gospel to barbarous nations. You shall be preserved while afar off but you shall be drawn in close straits, but nevertheless you shall gather up those who will hear you: and when you return, you shall be altogether changed and be a man beloved of the Lord and of the faithful, amen [p. 179]


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    A reference to Stratton’s participation in the Camp of Israel.