Blessing to Lorenzo Barnes, 3 January 1836

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, Blessing received under the hands of Joseph Smith Jr. & of the Ohio Jan. 3d 1836
we in the name of the Lord & in his name we say unto thee thou art excepted [accepted] before him [p. [47]] The Eyes of the Lord thy God hav been upon thee & thou hast done that which was most pleasing in his sight for thou hast in thy youth set out in his serves [service] & Thy Prayers & suplications hav been herd & thy Name is writen in Heaven for Angels to gaze upon and thou shalt be a swift messinger to the Nations.
Thou art a desendant of Joseph & of the Tribe of Ep[h]raim & the blessings of Jacob & Joseph are thine even the choise Blessings of Heaven above & the Earth beneath & the fullness there of Because thou hast been faithful and hast not withheld thy Life from layinging it down for thy breathren Thou art a chosen vessel unto the Lord to bare the fullness of [p. [48]] the Gosple unto people & Nations a far off Be faithful & thou shalt be with power from on high for the spirit of the highest shall rest upon thee & thou shalt go forth from Land to Land from Nation to Nation & from Kingdom to Kingdom Thou shalt Stand before Kings & rulers <​Princes​> the rich & the great & they shall be estonished at thy wisdom & tremble at at thy words for the Lord thy God will unloos thy tongue hitherto thou hast been week but thou shalt be made strong Thou shalt be mighty in speaking Thy voice shall bee like the voice of an Angel of God Thy faith shall be mighty in the Earth Thou shalt lift up thy voice & the hills shall tremble before the[e] & the Earth shall quake [p. [49]] under thy feet Prison walls shall not hold thee watters shall not stay thee The sea & the wind shall obey thy command Thou shalt Thou shalt hav power to open the eyes of the blind & unstop the ears of the deaf Thou shalt cause the lame to leap as an heart [hart] & the tongue of the dumb to sing yea thou shalt bring thy thousands & thy & thy tens of thousands from the Nations to with rejoicing & sit down with them in <​&​> with Abraham Isaac & Jacob in the Kingdom of God
Therefore be faithful & thy God shall lift the[e] up & thou shalt be exalted & he shall say of <​thee​> This is my servant <​in my sight​> he is highley exalted in my sight Therefore we say unto thee our brother [p. [50]] let thy mind expand for it is thy privaleg to behold the Heavens opened over thy head to see & converce with the Angel of God for they shall appear unto thee in thy ministry y[e]a thou shalt behold the fase of thy Redeemer in the flesh Thou shalt hav communion with the general assembly & Church of the first born in Heaven y[e]a thou shalt behold with thine eyes the glory of thy the Lord untill thou shhalt be satisfied & thou shalt say it is a enough O Lord it is enough Thou shalt hav all the desires of thy heart Thou shalt hav length of days & thy years shall be many
When thy hears [hairs] shall be gray thou shalt be as in the vigur of youth & thy mind unimpared Thou shalt remane untill the coming of the Son of man in [p. [51]] the clowds of heaven y[e]a thou shalt see <​view​> the winding up seen of all things & stand with the hundred forty & four thousand on Mount Zion These blessings & many others which tongue cannot express & all the powers of the we upon thy head & upon thy sead forever in the name of Jesus Christ & by the power arthority of the even so amen
Apr. 24th 1836 [1/3 page blank] [p. [52]]


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    TEXT: When found at the start of a word, Lorenzo Barnes’s capital and lowercase t’s are indistinguishable. They have been rendered according to conventional usage throughout this document.  

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    See Isaiah 18:2. The term “swift messenger” also appears in two other contemporary blessings. In a May 1835 patriarchal blessing, Barnes was told that he would “go forward and proclame the gospel and win thousands of souls” and was promised, “Thy Name is written in Heaven.” (Minute Book 1, 1 Mar. 1835, 174; Blessing to Alvin Winegar, 7 Feb. 1836; Barnes, Reminiscences and Diaries, vol. 2, pp. 44–47.)  

    Barnes, Lorenzo D. Reminiscences and Diaries, 1834–1839. 2 vols. CHL. MS 1436.

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    For some reason, Barnes was not previously assigned a tribe in his patriarchal blessing, as was the custom at the time. (Barnes, Reminiscences and Diaries, vol. 2, pp. 44–47.)  

    Barnes, Lorenzo D. Reminiscences and Diaries, 1834–1839. 2 vols. CHL. MS 1436.

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    Similar language was used in sermons about and blessings given to members of the Camp of Israel expedition. While addressing former members of the expedition on 14 February 1835, JS remarked, “Those who went to Zion, with a determination to lay down their lives, if necessary, it was the Will of God, that they should be ordained to the ministry.” A line from Barnes’s patriarchal blessing expresses a similar sentiment: “Thou has taken thy life in thine hand & hast not withheld it even from laying it down for thy brethren.” Other Zion blessings included similar language. (Minutes, Discourse, and Blessings, 14–15 Feb. 1835; Barnes, Reminiscences and Diaries, vol. 2, p. 44; see also Minute Book 1, 17 Aug. 1835, 101; 1 Mar. 1835, 175, 177, 186; and Blessing to Alvin Winegar, 7 Feb. 1836.)  

    Barnes, Lorenzo D. Reminiscences and Diaries, 1834–1839. 2 vols. CHL. MS 1436.

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    See Acts 9:15. Joseph Smith Sr. had also referred to Barnes as a “chosen vessel” in his patriarchal blessing. (Barnes, Reminiscences and Diaries, vol. 2, p. 46.)  

    Barnes, Lorenzo D. Reminiscences and Diaries, 1834–1839. 2 vols. CHL. MS 1436.

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    See Revelation, 22 June 1834 [D&C 105:11–12].  

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    See Vision, 16 Feb. 1832 [D&C 76].  

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    See Revelation 7:4; 14:1; and Answers to Questions, between ca. 4 and ca. 20 Mar. 1832 [D&C 77]. In the same 2 May 1835 meeting at which Barnes was ordained to the Seventy, JS taught that there may be set apart “seven times Seventy, even until there shall be one hundred & forty and four thousand.” Barnes’s patriarchal blessing also mentions the hundred and forty-four thousand: “Thou shalt stand when wickedness is swept of[f] from the Earth even with thy breathren the hundred forty & four thousand sealed out of . . . the twelve tribes of Israel.” (Minutes and Discourse, 2 May 1835; Barnes, Reminiscences and Diaries, vol. 2, pp. 46–47.)  

    Barnes, Lorenzo D. Reminiscences and Diaries, 1834–1839. 2 vols. CHL. MS 1436.