Blessing to Lyman Johnson, 14 February 1835

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The Blessing of was in the name of Jesus Christ, that he should bear the tidings of salvation to nations, tongues and people, until the utmost corners of the earth shall hear the tidings, and that he shall be a witness of the things of God to nations & tongues, and that Holy shall administer to him occasionally and that no power of the enemy shall prevent him from going forth and doing the work of the Lord. And that he shall <​should​> live until the was accomplished, according to the Holy Prophets. And that he should be like unto Enoch. [p. 149] And your faith shall be like unto his, and he shall be called great among all the living, and Satan shall tremble before thee, and that he shall see the Saviour come and stand on the Earth with power and great glory. [p. 150]


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    See Revelation, 7 Dec. 1830 [D&C 35:24].