Blessing to Peter Buchanan, 1 March 1835

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Peter Buchanan
We you to be an to go forth and preach the Gospel, & . Tho[u] art a vessel chosen of God to bear the news of salvation to the . Thou hast long sought this mission Thou shalt go forth according to the desire of thy heart. Thou shalt see the work of the Lord prosper in thy hands. Thou shalt open the plan of salvation to those who know it not. [p. 176] You shall be enabled to proclaim it effectually. You shall speak in all the languages whithersoever the Lord shall send thee. You shall have power over diseases, if faithful. The right hand of the Lord shall be underneath thee. The Angels shall have charge concerning thee. Thou shalt return to when thy work is done Thou shalt have many visions, and power to call many into the covenant Amen [p. 177]


  1. 1

    See Acts 9:15.  

  2. 2

    See Psalm 91:11; and Revelation, 22–23 Sept. 1832 [D&C 84:42].