Blessing to Salmon Warner, 1 March 1835

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Salmon Warner,
Because thou hast offered thy life for the release of thy brethren, who were in affliction. it is the will of thy Heavenly Father that thou shouldst bear the testimony of salvation to many people who have not heard the sound thereof. Thou shalt be a son of consolation. If the Lord commands the[e] to go to the Islands of the seas, his hand will support thee: If he calls the[e] to ride upon ships to proclaim the gospel his power will sustain thee. If thou art faithful, the Lord will make thy mission prosperous. Thou wilt have persecution as well as thy other brethren. When Thou hast executed thy mission, if it please thy God, thou shalt return and enjoy the rest of the Saints, even a thousand years and also in eternity. Even so Amen [p. 173]


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    Salmon Warner (1798–1870) is listed in the 1830 census as living in Wadsworth, Ohio. He was baptized on 6 April 1833 and attended a conference in Norton, Ohio, in April 1834. (Backman, Profile, 74; 1830 U.S. Census, Wadsworth, Medina Co., OH, 184; Minutes and Discourse, 21 Apr. 1834.)  

    Backman, Milton V., Jr., comp. A Profile of Latter-day Saints of Kirtland, Ohio, and Members of Zion’s Camp, 1830–1839: Vital Statistics and Sources. 2nd ed. Provo, UT: Department of Church History and Doctrine and Religious Studies Center, Brigham Young University, 1983.

    Census (U.S.) / U.S. Bureau of the Census. Population Schedules. Microfilm. FHL.

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    A reference to Warner’s participation in the Camp of Israel expedition.  

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    See Acts 4:36.  

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    See Revelation 20:6; and Revelation, Sept. 1830–A [D&C 29:11].