Blessing to Sylvester Smith, 1 March 1835

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We your Ministry upon your ministry upon your head, and also you to be one of the and a President among the 70 Your mind shall become pure and chaste, and the importance of your calling shall lie near your heart from this hour. You shall preside with dignity and with honor forever. You shall have great affliction and persecution because of your office. Your enemies shall seek your life with great diligence, but if you dedicate [p. 179] your all to God, you shall be preserved if you keep his covenant and turn away from none of it. You shall have great power and wisdom & do great good before the Lord. You shall travel from land to land and from Kingdom to Kingdom. and you shall stand before and preach to Kings, and have power over great men, and poor men. & show forth signs and wonders to whom signs and wonders will be profitable, and in a good old age you shall return with rejoicing and bring many sheaves with you, Then shall you rest and your last days shall be your best days. Amen. [p. 180]