Blessing to Thomas B. Marsh, 26 April 1835

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s Blessing by Dear Brother, You are to be a minister of righteousness and to this ministry and you are now to be ordained: and May all temporal and spiritual blessings attend you. Your sins are forgiven you, and you are to go forth and preach the everlasting Gospel. You shall travel from kingdom to kingdom [p. 156[b]] and from nation to nation. Angels shall bear the[e] up, and thou shalt be instrumental in bringing thousands of the redeemed of the Lord to . President the above blessing upon him, even so Amen. [p. 158]


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    TEXT: This is the second of two manuscript pages numbered “156”. The pagination continues correctly on the following page with number 158.  

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    See Isaiah 51:11; and Book of Mormon, 1830 ed., 77 [2 Nephi 8:11].  

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    William Smith’s blessing was the only one given during the 14–15 February 1835 meeting for which the minutes indicate that someone sealed or confirmed the ordination blessing. (Minutes, Discourse, and Blessings, 14–15 Feb. 1835.)