Bond, 30 August 1839 [Robinson v. C. Granger]

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<​No 14​>
<​ To ​>
<​Recorded 13th June 1840​>
Know all men by these presents, that whereas has this day pu[r]chased of booth [both] of the Town of & County of and State of , certain peices or parcels of land (to wit) Thirty or more acres of land it being the place on which Edward Farley now lives, also the South half of the <​west Half of the​> North West quarter of section No 36 Township No 7 N Range 9 West of the fourth principal meridian— The condition of this Bond is such that whereas the said has this day executed to certain promisory Notes (to wit) Two Notes one hundred Dollars Each bearing same date with this instrument or Bond, Running 30 Days from date, Now if the sd his heirs or assigns Shall well and truly pay or cause to be paid the said Notes according to the tenor thereof, then the Said Shall be intitled to a good and sufficient Deed of Warrenty of the above described parcels of land— In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand seal this 30th Day of August 1839 at Hancock Co. Ill
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