Bond to King Follett, 10 April 1840

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KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS, That We Joseph Smith Jun & of the county of and State of are held and firmly bound unto of the county of and State of of his heirs and assigns in the sum of one thousand dollars for the payment of which well and truly to be made we bind ourselves, our heirs, executors and administrators, firmly by these presents.
NOW THE CONDITION OF THE ABOVE OBLIGATION IS SUCH, that whereas, the said Joseph Smith Jun & have this day sold unto the said a certain lot of ground situated, lying and being in the county of and State of , and described on the plat of the Town of as being Lot No. one in Block No. Twenty Six— 26— and received in payment for said lot [blank] note of hand bearing even date herewith of April 1st 1840, for the sum of Five hundred dollars, and payable as follows.
The first for $250— /00 payable April 1st 1845
The Second " $250— /00 payable April 1st 1850
Making in both notes the aforesaid price of Said lot—
with interest for each and every note to be paid annually. on the first day of April in each year
Now if the said his heirs, executors, or administrators shall well and truly pay or cause to be paid the amount of said notes with such interest as may accrue thereon, according to the tenor and effect thereof, when due, we the said Joseph Smith Jun & bind ourselves our heirs, executors and administrators, to make or cause to be made, to the said his heirs and assigns, a good and sufficient Deed for the above described lot Eighteen from the date hereof and then this Bond to become null and void, otherwise to be and remain in full force and virtue.
Given under our hands and seals this Tenth— 10 day of April in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty—
Joseph Smith Jun L. S.
L. S.
L. S.
Acknowledged in presence of
their agent [p. [1]]