Capias ad Respondendum, 27 July 1837 [Seymour & Griffith v. Rigdon and JS]

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The State of Ohio)
ss. [scilicet])
To the of our said Court . . . Greeting:— We command you that you take the bodies of Joseph Smith Jr. & if they be found in your bailiwick, and them safely keep so that you have them their bodies before our Court of Common Pleas to be held at the Court House in the town of the 24th day of Oct. next to answer John S. Seymour & Thomas Griffith in a plea of the case to their damage five hundred dollars as is said. Herein fail not but of this writ and your service make due return. Witness the Honourable President of our said Court at the 27th. day of July Anno Domini one thousand eight hundred and thirty seven.
[. . .]
This suit is brought upon sundry negotiable promissory notes dated Feb.y 10th. 1837, two for twenty, one for seven, and one for one hundred, the latter dated March 9th. 1837. Sum appearing due $150.
[. . .]
The State of Ohio, ss} In obedience to the command of this writ, I on the 27th day of July 1837 arrested the within defts and kept them in custody until discharged by order of the plaintiffs. 2d. Shff. [p. 383]


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