Certificate, 21 May 1844 [United States v. Jeremiah Smith]

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Territory of Iowa)
Desmoines County)
I John S. Dunlap, Clerk of the District Court for the County of Desmoines in the first Judicial District, Territory of , hereby certify that in the month of February 1844 was, by the Marshall of the for the District of , brought before the Hon. Charles Mason Judge of the District Court for the first Judicial District, upon a warrant issued by said Judge, which warrant was predicated upon a copy of a purporting to have been found against said by the Grand Jury of the City of . That a hearing of said case was had by said Judge at the office of the clerk of said District Court for Desmoines County, where the as also said appeared by Council, and after said hearing said was discharged by said Judge, no legal cause being found. I certify further that none of the papers relating to said case are now on file in my office, but that all of them were delivered to the Marshall after the hearing in said case, as I believe.
In witness whereof I hereto set my hand and affix the Seal of said Court at in said County this 21st. day of May A. D. 1844
John S. Dunlap
L. S. [p. [1]]
John S. Dunlap’s Certificate
Filed— May 30— 1844 in case of on before Municipal Court City
I have examind the within with the original certificate— and find the same to be a correct Copy—
Clerk M. C. C.
May 31. 1844 [p. [2]]


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    TEXT: “L. S.” enclosed in a hand-drawn representation of a seal.  

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    Docket and notations in handwriting of Willard Richards.