Charges against Harrison Sagers Preferred to the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, circa 10 April 1844

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To the Presidency and the Twelve
In as much as you have declard officially that you will deal with all persons who teach or have taught the abominable doctrine of spiritual wives
This is to notify you that is guilty of said sin which thing can be proven by credible wittnesses and if he is not chastised for it by the church the law of the land will be enforced against him
left his family in December last, since which time he has not provided for them in any way whatever The cause of the innocent demand action immediately and you are the ones to take the matter in hand.
Lucinda Sagers [p. [1]]
Brother Dear Sir
as this complaint has been hended over to the High council by the first presidency to act uppon.
you are requested to appear before said Councel on Saturday the 13th of instant at my house at 2. O P. M to answer the within charges
April 10 1844
(Pres of sd Councel [1/2 page blank] [p. [2]]


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    Signature of Lucinda Madison Sagers.  

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    Notation in the handwriting of William Marks.