Charges against Joseph Smith Preferred to Bishop’s Council, 29 May 1837

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We prefer the following charges against Joseph Smith Jr. viz. for lying & misrepresenting misrepresentation— also for extortion— and for— speaking disrespectfully against his brethren behind their backs.—
May 29th 1837 [p. [1]]
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    See Historical Introduction to Letter from Parley P. Pratt, 23 May 1837.  

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    Lyman Johnson and Orson Pratt may be referring here to comments by JS and Sidney Rigdon about Parley P. Pratt and the letters he had written. In the high council meeting held the same day this complaint was signed, Parley objected to having JS or Rigdon involved with his case “in consequence of their having previously expressed their opinion against him.” In that meeting, Rigdon confirmed that “he felt and said that Eld. Pratt has done wrong and that he still thought so.” (Minute Book 1, 29 May 1837.)  

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    Likely signature of Lyman Johnson; signature of Orson Pratt.