Declaration, 18 January 1842, in handwriting of Willard Richards

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Know all men by these presents that I, Joseph Smith of the county of and State of , am seized, possessed of and lawfully own, a certain tract of land in said known by the name of “Smith & ’s addition to ,”— as surveyd and plotted by June 29 and July 1st 1841.— Said plat. covering and representing the same piece of ground. so far as it extends, as as is represented by the plots of the City of , and the Town of , all of which is now included within the general bounderies & limits of the City charter of , as specified in the Charter of said . Now know ye that I Joseph Smith do delare that it is my intention to vacate, & by these presents, I do vacate, so much of said Town of , and also, so much of said City of , as is represented & set forth, on the plot, of “Messrs Smith & s addition to ” as aforesaid, To all intents and purposes, as though the said Town of & City of as aforesaid had never been surveyed plotted and Recorded.
In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal, at aforesaid this 18 day of January AD. 1842—
Joseph Smith L, S,
State of Illinois) ss.—
I, a Justice of the peace of the city of do certify that Joseph Smith, whose signature appears to the foregoing declaration, and who is personally known to me, to be the person who executed the same did acknowledge that he had excuted the above instrumit [instrument] and declaratin of his own free will and accord, & for the purposes therein specified.
Given under my hand & seal at this 29th day of January. A. D. 1842.—
for L. S. [p. [1]]
Office of County Recorder
31st January 1842
State of Illinois)
I Recorder of Said Do hereby Certify that the within Instrument and Certificate of Acknowledgement were this day duly Recorded in the Book of Town Plats on Page N0 26
Fees .75 [p. [2]]


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    Signature of JS.  

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    TEXT: “L, S,” enclosed in a hand-drawn representation of a seal.  

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    Certification in the handwriting of Willard Richards.  

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    Signature of Samuel Smith.  

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    TEXT: “L. S.” enclosed in a hand-drawn representation of a seal..  

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    Certification in the handwriting of Chauncey Robison.