Declaration, circa 25 April 1837 [Holmes v. Dayton et al.]

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The State of Ohio)
ss. [scilicet])
Court of Common Pleas, March term A.D. 1837— Declaration in .
Ezra Holmes)
Joseph Smith Jr.)
Ezra Holmes complains of & Joseph Smith Junior in a plea of Assumpsit For that whereas the said defendants on the fifteenth day of November A.D. 1836 at in said County of Geauga, made their promissory note in [p. 86] writing. and delivered the same to the said plaintiff and thereby promised to pay to the said plaintiff or bearer two hundred eight dollars and <​thirty​> cents by the first day of January then next ensuing the date thereof with use, which period has now elapsed, and the said defendants then and there in consideration of the premises promised to pay the amount of the said note to the said plaintiff according to the tenor and effect thereof— Yet the said defendants hath disregarded their promises and hath not paid the said sum of money, or any part thereof, to the damage of the said plaintiff three hundred dollars, and therefore he brings suit, &c.
Atty. for Plff. [p. 87]