Deed, 5 August 1847 [Sweeney v. Miller et al.]

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No 10687.
Sherriff To. John Green
Recorded. Aug: 5. 1847
Whereas Hugh G Sweney [Hugh J. Sweeney] did at the May Term A D 1845. of the Circuit Court of the County of and State of recover a Judgement against Joseph Smith & for the sum of Fifty eight and 97/100 dollars. and costs of suit upon which Judgement an was issued dated on the eleventh (11) day of December, A D 1845. directed to then Sheriff of to execute and by virtue of said Execution the said levied upon the lands hereinafter described and the same was struck off and sold to and , Trustees &c, for the sum of Five hundred ($500) dollars they being the highest and best bidders there for and the time and place of sale thereof having been duly advertised according to law and the said and having duly assigned their certificate to John Gren Now therefore know all by this Deed, that I Melgar Couchman Sheriff of said County of in consideration of the premises have Granted Bargained and Sold, and do hereby Convey to said John Green, assignee as aforesaid his heirs and assigns the following described tract of land to wit the South east Quarter of Section No Nine (9) in Township No Six (6) North of the Baseline in Range No eight (8) West of the 4th principal Meridian except sixty 60 acres off the south side of the above described tract of land. To have and To Hold the said described Premises to the said John Green assignee as aforesaid his heirs and assigns forever, Witness my hand and Seal this fifth 5th day of August in the year of our Lord One thousand eight hundred and forty seven,
Melgar Couchman S.S. [scilicet])
Sheriff of Illinois)
State of Illinois
This day personally appeared before me the undersigned Clerk of the Circuit Court in and for said Melgar Couchman Sheriff of said County of who is personally Known to me, to be the person whose name appears to the above and foregoing Sheriffs Deed of Conveyance, as having made and executed the same, and Acknowledged that as Sheriff aforesaid he had made and executed the same, for the uses and purposes therein mentioned and expressed In Testimony whereof I have hereunto subscribed my name, and affixed the seal of the said Court Circuit Court, at my office in this Fifth day of August A D 1847.
Clerk [p. [470]]