Discourse, 16 April 1843, as Reported by Wilford Woodruff

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he said he should have been more reconciled to the death of could his bodey have been laid in the grave in or among the saints, he said he had vary peculiar feelings relative to recieving an honorable burial with his fathers he considered would be a burying place of the saints & should he die he considered it would be a great Blessing to be buried with the saints & esspecially to be buried with his yes he wanted to lie by the side of his that when the trump of God should sound & the voice of God should say ye Saints arise that when the tomb should birst he could arise from the grave & first salute his & say O my father; & his say O my Son!! as they took each other by the hand he wished next to salute his brothers & sisters & then the saints & he said it was upon this principle that the ancients were so particular to have an honorable burial with their fathers as in the case of Joseph, before his death he made his kindred promise to carry [p. [25]] his bones to the land of Canann & they did so they embalmed his body took it to the land of Canaan & buryed it with his fathers their is a glory in this that many do not comprehend, it is true that in the resurrection that the bodies will be caught up to meet the Lord & the saints will all be brought together though they were scattered upon the face of the whole earth yet they would not as readily salute each other as though they lay down & rose up together from the same bed, To bring it to the understanding it would be upon the same principle as though two who were vary friends indeed should lie down upon the same bed at night locked in each other embrace talking of their love & should awake in the morning together they could immediately renew their conversation of love even while rising, from their bed but if their <​they​> were alone & in seperate apartments they could not as readily salute each other as though they were together He remarked that should he live & have an opportunity of gathering his friends who had died together he intended to do it but is <​if​> he should not live to do it himself he hoped that some of his friends would. He wished all of the saints to be comforted with the victory they were to gain by the resurrection it is sufficient to encorage the saints to overcome in the midst of evry trial trouble & tribulation though thunders roar & earthquakes bellow, lightnings flash & wars are upon evry hand yet suffer not a joint to tremble nor let not your heart faint [p. [26]] for the great Eloheem will deliver you & if not before the resurrection will set you eternally free from all these things from pain sorrow & death. I have labored hard & sought evry way to try to prepare this people to comprehend the things that God is unfolding to me In speaking of the resurrection I would say that God hath shown unto me a vission of the resurrection of the dead & I saw the graves open & the saints as they arose took each other by the hand even before they got up or while getting up & great joy & glory rested upon them [12 blank lines] [p. [27]]