Discourse, 16 July 1843, as Reported by Willard Richards–B

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Sunday 16 Joseph preached all day.— A M. 27th Matthew,— &c.— did not hear him— mans foes they of his own house:— the spirit that crucified christ, same spirit in , refered particularly to— I wont say who— was it ?— did <​do​> not say.— bro Cole—? or bro ? did not hear the sermon, why ask me, <​nothing new, same as when you left.​>— the spirit was against christ because of his innocence.— So in the present case.—— said he would not prophecy any more.— should be the prophet— (did not tell them he was going to be a priest now nor a King by and by)— told the elders not to prophecy when they went out preaching— [p. [2]]