Discourse, 21 May 1843, as Reported by Willard Richards

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when I shall have the opportunity of speaki[n]g in a house I know not. I find my lungs failing— it has always been my fortune almost. to speak in the open air to large assemblies.
I have not an idea there has been a great many very good men since Adam. There is was one good— man Jesus.— <​many think a propht must be a gre[a]t deal better than any body else.—​>
suppose I would condesc[e]nd. yes I will <​call it.​> condesce[n]d, to be a great deal better than any of you. I would be raised up to the highe[s]t heaven and who should I have to accompany me. [p. [211]]
I love that man better who swears a stream as long as my arm. and administ[er]ing to the poor & dividi[n]g his substance. than the long smoothed faced hypo[c]rites
I dont want you to think I am very righteous. for I am not very righteous.—
God judgeth men according to the light he gives them.
we have a more sure word of prophecy. whereunto you do well to take heed— as unto a light that shineth in a dark place
we were eyewitnesses of his maje[s]ty and heard the voice of his excellent glory— &. what could be more [p. [212]] sure? transfigu[re]d on the mou[n]t &c what could be more sure?— Divines have been quarreelig [quarreling] for ages about the meaning. of this.
rough stone roling down hill.
3 grand secrets lying in this chapter which no man can dig out. which unlocks the whole chapter.
what is written are only hints of things which ex[is]ted in the prophts mind. which are not written. concer[n]ing eternal glory.
I am going to take up this subj[e]ct by virtue of the knowledge of God in me.— which I have received fr[o]m heaven. [p. [213]]
the opinions of men. so far as I am possessed concerned. are to me as the crackling of the thorns under the pot. or the whistling of the wind,
Columbus and the eggs.—
Ladder and rainbow.
like precious faith with us . . . — add to your faith virtue &c . . . another point after having all these qualifictins [qualifications] he lays this injutin [injunction].— but rather make your calling & election sure— after adding all. this. virtue knowledge &. make your cal[l]ing. &c Sure.— what is the secret, the starting point. according as his divine power which hath given unto all things that pertain to life & godliness. [p. [214]]
how did he obtain all things?— th[r]ough the knowledge of him who hath calld him.— there could not any be given pertain[in]g to life & knowledge & godliness without knowledge
wo wo wo to the Ch[r]istendom.— the divine & priests; &c— if this be true.
salvation. is for a man to be seveed from all his enemies.— until a man can triumph over death. he is not saved. knowlidge will do this.
organization of spirits in the eternal world.— spirits in the eternal wo[r]ld are like spir[i]ts in this world. when those spirits have come into this [p. [215]] visi[o]n & received grolifed [glorified] bodies. they will have an ascndeny [ascendency] over spir[i]ts who have no bodi[e]s. or kept not their fi[r]st state like the devil. Devils puni[s]hment. should not have a habitati[o]n. like othr men.— D[e]vils retaliation— come into this w[o]rld bind up mens bod[i]es. & occuppy himself.— authorities come along and eject him from a stolen habitation
design of the great God. in sending us into this world. and organizi[n]g us to prepare us for the Eternal world.— I shall keep in my own bosom. we have no claim in our eternal compact. in relation to Eternal thi[n]gs [p. [216]] unless our actions. & contracts & all thi[n]gs tend to this end.—
after all this make your calling and election sure. if this injuncti[o]n would lay lageley [largely] on those to whom it was spoken. how much more those to who th[e]m of the 19. century.—
<​1 Key​> Knowledge in the power of Salvati[o]n.
<​2 Key​> Make his calling and Election Sure.
3d— it is one thing to be on the mount. & hear the excellent voice &c &c. and another <​to hear the​> voice de[c]lare to you you have a part & lot in that kingdom.— [4 lines blank] [p. [217]]