Discourse, 27 May 1843, as Reported by Levi Richards

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attended on s case— letters were read, & testimony given to some extent against his course to which he replied, & some altercation ensued between him & [p. [9]] — when J Smith arose & stated what he knew about — spoke of the treatment he received from him, when he visited — instead of upholding him & honoring his office contended concerning Scripture &c— in every place they visited— he said had lied about him, & others & he was given to tatling— & <​it​> was time it was stopped— said he () would reply & confront & would always have the last word— he said he should not reply to him (nor any of the rest of the ) he had borne it as long as he could— & they should not confront him! [p. [10]] he would not be contradicted by them!
He said, the of this had not jurisdiction over the case— the had over all places but this in all the world— he spoke of the dignified station of the twelve & wished them to arise & magnify their calling— reproved them in some degree for their [illegible] &c said they might learn from the brute,— the cattle the sentinal goose <​would give​> the alarm when on watch would quack & attend to their business, &c recommended them to take from & suspend him 3 or 4 months till the came up here— done accordingly [p. [11]]