Discourse, 28 July 1839, as Reported by James Mulholland

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I spoke & admonished the individually to set his house in order, to make clean the insid[e of] the platter, and to meet on the next sabbath to partake of in order that by our obedieence to the , we might be enabled to prevail with God against the destroyer, and that the sick may be healed. [p. 10]


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    See 2 Kings 20:1; Isaiah 38:1; Revelation, 8 Mar. 1833 [D&C 90:18]; and Revelation, 6 May 1833 [D&C 93:43].  

  2. 2

    That is, to purify oneself from within. (See Matthew 23:25–26; and Luke 11:39.)  

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    JS’s journal states that he spent the rest of the week “among the sick, who in general are gaining strength, and recovering health,” and that the next Sunday, 4 August 1839, JS “exhorted the Church at length, concerning the necessity of being righteous and clean at heart before the Lord.” Wilford Woodruff described the 4 August Sunday service as a “meeting of prayer & fasting.” (JS, Journal, 28 July–4 Aug. 1839; Woodruff, Journal, 4 Aug. 1839.)  

    Woodruff, Wilford. Journals, 1833–1898. Wilford Woodruff, Journals and Papers, 1828–1898. CHL. MS 1352.

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    The term destroyer was often used to refer to the devil. In his autobiography, Mace wrote of the spread of disease in Commerce and Montrose in summer 1839, noting that “it seemed, that all the powers of Satan, was at work to destroy this people.” (Mace, Autobiography, 31.)  

    Mace, Wandle. Autobiography, ca. 1890. CHL. MS 1924.