Discourse, 29 January 1843, as Reported by Franklin D. Richards

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the next sabbath he (Joseph) asked and answered
1st How was John the greatest prophet ever born of a woman
2nd How was Christ is the least in the Kingdom greater than he [p. [10]]
Ans to 1st His greatness consisted in 3 things
1st His appointment to prepare the way before the Lord Jesus Christ
2nd His privilege to Baptise him or induct him into his Kingdom
3d His being the only legal administrator in the affairs of the Kingdom that was then on the Earth consequently the Jews had to obey his instruction or be damned by their own Law & Christ fulfiled all righteousness in becoming obedient to the Law which himself had given to Moses on the mount and thereby magnified it and made it honorable instead of destroying it
Ans to 2nd Query Christ was least in the Kingdom in their estimation or least entitled [p. [11]]
to their credulity as a Prophet but was in Truth greater than John
The Holy Ghost cannot be transformed into a Dove but the sign of a Dove was given to John to signify the Truth of the Deed as the Dove was an emblem or Token of Truth— [p. [12]]