Discourse, 6 April 1843–A, as Reported by Willard Richards

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It is not right that all the burden of the should rest on a few individuals—
and <​we​> will now consider the prepriety of sending the twelve to collect means for the .—
there has been too great latitude in individuals for the building of the to the exclusion of the .
It. has been reportd that the—— twelve have wages $2.00 per day for their services <​I never heard— this till recently. & I do not believe I have never known their having any thing​> I go in for binding up the twelve, &
Let this confirence institute an order to this end [p. [55]] <​&​> let no man pay money or stock into the hands of the twelves except the payee payer transmit the account immediately to the Trustee’s in trust. & no man else. <​but the twelve​> have authority to act as agents for the & .——
I will mention one case— he is a good man. that’s man’s name is Russel [Samuel Russell]. he had been East on bussines[s] for his brothe[r]. & took money belonging to the . & put it in the bag with his brothers money. 2 or three days after <​his return​> he called on his brother, for the money. but his brother thought he had paid out too much money— & he would keep the [p. [56]] chu[r]ch money.— <​to make good his own​> I called to see Russel [Daniel Russell] about the money. and he treated me so politely I concluded he never meant to pay— Bro Russel [Samuel Russell]. said, <​that​> his brother said he should not be out of money again.— There was $20. of the chu[r]ch money, & some dried apple for the Prest.
I propose that your you send moneys for the by the twelve some or all; or some agent of your choosing & if you send by others & the money is lost, tis lost to yourselves. I cannot be responsible for it.
It is wrong for the church to make a bridge of my nose in appropriati[n]g chu[r]ch funds.—— The incorporation requ[ire]d of me securietis [securities].— which were lodged in the proper hands— [p. [57]]
committee have are bound to me in <​the sum​> $2,000— & the chu[r]ch is running to them <​with funds​> every day— & I am not responsible for it.
so long as you consider me worthy to hold this office. it is your duty to attend to the legal forms belonging— to the business.— My desire is, <​that​> the conference minutes go forth, to inform all bra[n]ches of the order of doing business. & the twelve be appointd to this spicial mission of collecting funds for the .— [p. [58]]