Discourse, 8 April 1843, as Reported by William Clayton–A

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Have 3 requests— all who have faith exercise. that the Lord may be willing to came [calm] the wind.— Next. have your prayers strengt[h]en my lungs— next I may have the H. G. [Holy Ghost] to enable me to declare such things that are true— subject that I seldom have touched upon since I commenced— subj— of great spec[ulation] as well among the E[lde]rs & the divin[e]s— sub of beast in Rev. Reason why is in consequence of a division of sentiment amongst the Ers my object is to do away div[ision] the knowledge of this thing is not very essential in relation to beasts heads figures &c— if we get to much puffed up— k[nowledge] is nec to do away cont— the k of being puffed up is not so great as the evil of contention if they were to climb to the top of Mt Pisgah the Lord would hear knowledge does away darkness suspense, doubt— for where k is there is no doubt &c, no pain so awful as the pain of suspense— this is the condemnation of the wicked— doubt anxiety causes wailing in k there is power— God has more power than all other beings because he has more k. he knows how to subject other beings Instruct you in relation to the beasts— Er [Pelatiah] Brown has been the cause one of the wisest old heads we have among us has been called up before the high c[ouncil] on account of the beast— The old man preached about the beast &c & was hauled up— never thought it was right to called up a man for erring in doctrines— to[o] much like methodism not Latter Dayism— Methodists has creed— kicked out— want the liberty of believing as I please— feels so good— Dont prove that a man is not a good man because he errs in doctrine— the H. C undertook to correct him— Er B came to me. Rev 5.— four beasts & four & twenty Ers (8 verse) he had confounded all christend[om] by making out the the 4 beasts repd k [kingdoms?] wise men could not do any thing with him— any thing to whip sectarian & put down priestcraft— a club as is better than none for a poor man to firht [fight] could not help laughing at the idea of God making use of the figure of a beast to represent the kingdoms of God on the earth— when he could have used a more noble figure what? make use of the figure of a meaner creature to rep a much glorious one— you mist it old man but the sec. did not know enough to detect him, [p. [1]]
When God made use of the figure of a beast to the prophets he did it to rep. that portion, who had degenerated— the k’s of the [[world]]. Daniel says when he saw bear— angel interpreted— had no allusion to the k. of God— all the figure of beast rep. the k of the [[world]] beastly & abominable charcters— they were murderous corrupt carniverous in their dispositions. Make mention of the prophets to qualify any declaration I am about to make— that the young Ers may not choke me like hornets— dif between the prophets & the Rev of John— none of the things John saw had any allusion the days of Adam, Enock Ab[raham] or Jesus— only as represented to John & clearly set forth— John saw that which was shortly to come to pass futurity read Rev c 1 v 1— declaration— those things that John saw in h[eaven] had no allusion to any thing that had been on the earth because John saw what was to shortly come to pass— John saw beasts that had to do with things on the earth— but not in past ages The beast had to devour the inhabitants, The Rev. do not give us to understand any thing past in relation of the k of God— what John saw was in heaven— prophets on the earth— going to take exceptions to the translation— distinction pro[phets] do not declare the[y] saw beast but that they saw the image or figure of a beast. they did not see an actual bear or lion— should have been rendered image instead of beast in every instance— John saw the actual beast in heaven, to shew that that being did exist there. when p saw they were images types to represent & they received an interpretation. I set it forth by this broad dec— where God ever gives a vision of an image &c he always holds himself responsible to give a Rev. or interpretation. otherwise we are not responsible— dont be afraid of being damned for not knowing this where God has not given a Rev. read Rev 5— 11— particularly verse 13, John saw curious looking beasts in heaven— saw every creature that was in heaven &c— all the beast foul fish in heaven— actually their giving glory to God. I suppose John saw beings there that had been saved from 10000 times 10000 earths like this— strange beasts— might be seen them in heaven.— John learned that God glorified himself by saving all that his hands made— a man who would tell you that this could not be would tell you that the Revelation [p. [2]] John heard the words they said. God could understand every languag they talked— the beasts were intelligent being[s] giving glory. Darling religion says that the beasts represent kingdoms very well on the same principle the 24 Er represent beast— said the earth <​arg[ument]​> was flat as a pan-cake— calculate to overthrow the technicalities of the world. Again— there is no Rev. to prove (& we never can comprehend) without Rev.) if we spiritualise no authority) Ye Ers of Israel hearken to my voice and when ye are sent into the world to preach repent ye for the k. of h is at hand— never meddle with the beasts & subjects you do not understand. Er Brown when you go to dont say any thing about the beast the Lord read Rev. c 13 verse 2— they say the beast that received the wound was nebuchadnezer— What John saw in relation to this beast they have used the term Devil for dragon— it was a beast that John saw in heaven— what was shortly to come to pass. the beast was an actual b to which power was to be given an intelligent being in heaven— to have power given— John saw it had been wounded— All the world wondered after the b and if the beast was the world how could the world wonder after the beast— nebucha & constantine not excepted— it must have been a been [beast] that the human beings wondered after. When God gives power to a beast to destroy all will wonder. read verse 4— the inhabitants declared who is able to make war & they worshiped the dragon— some say it means the k’s of the [[world]] dont mean the k of the saints— suppose it means the k’s of the [[world]] what propriety is there in saying who is able to make war with myself— If these interpretations are true the book contradicts itself in almost every verse— but they are not true.
There is a mistranslation— the original word means the devil instead of the dragon— verse 9 ch 12— That old serpent called the devil every thing that we have not a key word to we will take it as it reads. The beasts were being[s] in h that were to have power I give this as a key to the Ers— [p. [3]]
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