Discourse, 9 July 1843, as Reported by Willard Richards

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Joseph remarced [remarked] that all was well between him and the heavens that he had no emnity against any one. and as the prayer of Jesus. or his pattern so prayed Joseph. Father forgive me my trespasses. as I forgive those who trespass. against me. for I freely forgive all men.—— if we would s[e]cure & cultivate the love of others we must love others. even our enemies— as well as friends “why is it this babler gains so many followers. & retains them”? because I possess the principle of love, All I can offer the world a [p. [300]] good heart & a good hand. Mormons can testify whether I am willing to lay down my life for a mormon;
If it has been demonstrated that I am have been willing to die for a mormon I am bold to declare <​befo[r]e heaven​> that I <​am​> just as ready to die for a presbytiran. a baptist or any other denomination.— It is a love of libe[r]ty which inspires my soul. civil and religious liberty— were diffused into my soul by my grandfathers. while they dandld me on their knees.— and shall I want friends? no!——
“Where in do you differ from other[s] in your religious. views?”— In reality & essencce we do not differ so far in our religio[us] v[i]ews but that we could [p. [301]] all dring [drink] into one principle of love
one [of] the grand fundamental principles of Mormonism <​is​> to receivee thruth [truth] let it come from where it may.— we beli[e]ve in the great Eloheem. who— sits enthrond in yonder heavens.— so do the presbyterian. If as a skillful mechanic In taking a weldi[n]g heat I use a borax & allum. &c—— an[d] succe[e]d in welding you all together shall I not have attaind a good object.
if I esteem mankind to be in error shall I bear them down? no! I will will lift them up.— & in his own way if I cannot persuade him my way is better? & I will ask no man to believe as I do. [p. [302]]
Do you believe in Jesus christ &c? So do I. christians should cultivate the frie[n]dship of each other. & will do it.
“Do you believe in the baptism of infants”? says the presby[t]erian.— No.— “why”. because it is no where written in the book circumcision is not Baptism. Baptism is for remission of sins.— childrn have no sins— he <​Jesus​> blessed them— do what you have seen me do— all made alive in christ. faith & repentance.— we are agreed.— baptism. yes by imme[r]sion. the Hebrew is the root. to by bury immerse—— Do you believe this no.— I believe in b[e]ing convertd converted.—— I believe in this tinaceously [tenaciously]
Holy Ghost by laying on of hands [p. [303]]
Evidance. Peter on days of Pentecost; might as well be baptism baptise a bag of sand as a man if not done in view of the getting of the Holy ghost.— baptism by water is but 1/2 a baptism.— & is good for nothi[n]g with[out] the other. the Holy Gho[s]t.— <​I​> am free to day—
messenger has retur[n]ed with offers of peace. from the
except a man be born again. of water <​& of the spir[i]t​> can in no wise enter into the Kingdom—
Though we or an angel f[r]om heaven preach any othe[r] gospel [p. [304]]