Discourse, between circa 26 June and circa 4 August 1839–A, as Reported by Unidentified Scribe

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The priasthood was first given to Adam, he obtained the first presidency & held the of it from generation to generation. He obtained it in th[e] creation, before the world was formed as in Gen <​c​> 1 <​v​> 26, 28 he had dominion given him over every living creature; he is Michael the Archangel spoken of in the scriptures— Then to Noah who is Gabriel he stands next in athourity authority to Adam, in the preasthood, he was called of God to this office. & was the father of all living, in this day, & to him was given the dominion, These men held keys first on earth & then in heaven; The priesthood is an everlasting principle & existed with God from eternity & will to eternity, without begining of days or end of years; The keys have to be brought from heaven whenever the gospel is sent.— when they are revealed from heaven it is by adams authority.— Danl. 7 speaks of the ancient of days he means the oldest man our Father Adam Michael, he will call his children, together & hold a council with them to prepare them for the coming of the son of man, he. (Adam) is the father of the human familey & presides over the spirits of all men. & all that have had [p. [2]] the keys must stand before him in this grand council. This may take place before some of us leave this stage of action. The son of man stands before him, and there is given him glory & dominion— Adam delivers up his stewardship to Christ, that which was delivered to him as the keys of the universe but retains his standing as head of the human family.— The spirit of man is not a created being, it existed from eternity & will exist to eternity, anything created cannot be eternal. Air. Earth, water, all these, had their existance in an elementary state from eternity. Our Saviour speaks of children & says their angels allways stand before my Father.—
The father called all spirits before him at the creation of man & organized them he (Adam) is the head & was told to multiply—
The were given to him. he will have to give an account of his stewardship & they to him— The is everlasting. The Saviour, Moses, & Elias gave the keys to Peter. James. & John. on the mount, when they were transfigured before him. The priesthood is everlasting, without beginning of days or end of years without Father Mother &c. If there is no change of , their is no change of priesthood, whenever the ordanances of the gospel are administered there is the priesthood. How have we come at the priesthood, in the last days— they came down in regular suscession. Peter James & John had it given to them, & they gave it up. Christ is the great High Priest. Adam next. Paul speaks of the church coming to an innumarable company of Angels to God the Judge of all <​the​> spirits of just men made perfect, to Jesus the Mediator of the new covenant &c Heb 12 23 I saw Adam in the valley of , he called together his children & blessed, them, with a , The Lord appeared in their midst. he (Adam) blessed them all & foretold what should befall them to the latest generation. see DC. sec 3 P 28. 29.— this is why Abraham blessed [p. [3]] his posterity. He wanted to bring them, into the presance of God. They looked for a City &c. Mosses sought to bring the children of Israel into the presence of God, through the power of the but he could not. In the first ages of the world, they tried to establish the same thing, & then was Elias raised up who tried to restore these very Glories, but did not obtain them (Enoch did for himself & those that were with him, but not for the world J T) They prophesied of a day when this glory, would be revealed. Paul spoke of the dispensation of of the fullness of times; when God would gather together all things in one &c. Those men to whoom these have been given will have to be there (I E When Adam shall again assemble his children of the preasthood & Christ be in their midst the ancient of days come &c &c J T) & they without us could not be made perfect. These men are in heaven, but there children are on Earth their bowels yearn over [illegible] us. God sends men down for this reason Matt 13— 41 & the sons of man shall send forth his angels &c All these authoritative characters will come down & join hand in hand, in bringing about this work. The kingdom of heaven is like a grain of mustard seed: The mustard seed is small but brings forth a large tree. The fowls are the angels the Book of Morman perhaps thus Angels come down combine together to gather their children & gather them, we cannot be made perfect without them, nor they without us, when these are done the son of man will desend, the ancient of days sit. We may come to an innumerable company of angels have communion with & recieve instruction from— Paul had these things, we may, & have the fowls of the heaven lodge in the branches.— The horse made war with the saints overcome them &c untill the ancient of days, and judgement was given to saints of the most high from the ancient of days the time came that the saints possesed the kingdom It not only makes us ministers here but in eternity— Salvation cannot come without revelation; it is in vain for any one to minister without it. no man is a minister of Jesus Christ without being a prophet. no man be the minister of Jesus Christ except he has the testimony of Jesus, & this is the spirit of prophecy. Whenever salvation has been administered, it has been by testimony. Men at the present time testify of heaven & hell & have never seen either & I will say that no man knows these things without this, men profess to prophecy I will prophecy that the signs of the coming of the son of man are allready commenced one pestilence will desolate after another We shall soon have war & bloodshed, the moon will be turned to blood. I testify of these things & that the coming of the son of man is nigh, even at your doors.— if our souls & our bodies are not looking forth for the comming of the son of man & after we are dead if we are not looking forth we shall be among those who are calling for the rocks to fall upon us &c. The hearts of the children [p. [4]]


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