Discourse, between circa 26 June and circa 4 August 1839–C, as Reported by Willard Richards

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It is the privilige of the children of God to come to God & get Revelation. XIV John Let not your heart be troubled &c, There are a great many Mansions in my Father’s house. I am going to prepare one for you [p. 75] rather Better than common. It is the privilege of the sons of God to inherit the same Mansion &c. When any person receives a vision of Heaven, he Sees things that he never thought of before. if we should tell of different glories as Paul did. in my fathers house are many Mansions. every man that receives the Gospel receives that inheritance that the Apostles did. Every one that hath seen me hath Seen the Father. He that believeth, any person that believs the works that I do shall he do also & greater works. The Father could not be glorified in the Son on any other principle than we coming to God. asking. receiving. heavens open visions &c.— they are done away because of unbelief— I will pray the Father & he shall send you another Comforter. There is one Comforter & another Comforter to abide with you forever, reach to things within the vail. know that you are . If you get it, it will stand [p. 76] by you forever. How is it to be obtained? Keep my commandme[n]ts & I will pray &c.— It is a privilege to view the son of man himself, he dwelleth with you & Shall be in you. his Spirit shall be in you. I will not leave you comfortless, I will come to you, abide with you forevever, Seal you up to Eternal life. yet a little while & ye shall see me no more, but ye see me.— He that hath my commandments & keepeth them. he it is that loveth me &c— I will manifest myself to him. If he does not he has not told the truth. I will put promises in your heart. that will not leave you but that will not Seal you up. we may come to the general assembly & , Spirits of Just men made perfect, unto Christ. The innumerable company of Angels are those that have been ressurrected from the dead. the Spirits of Just men made perfect are those without bodies. It is our privilege to pray for & obtain these things. [p. 77]
How wilt thou manifest thyself to us & not to the world? evidently knowing that it would be so that he would manifest himself.
There was no cholera, no mobs before this came. I told them that rejoiced in Mobs that they Should have them, they have since come in torrents. they did not receive the testimony of the Servants of God. If a man love me he will keep my words. & my father will love him. & we both me & my father will take our abode with him. There are certain characters that walked with God. saw him, conversed about heaven &c But the comforter that I will send. (not the other Comforter) shall teach you all things.— Who?— He that loveth me &c— This shall bring all things to remembrance whatsoever things I have said unto you. he shall teach you until ye come to me & my father. God is not a respecter of persons. we all [p. 78] have the Same privilige. Come to God weary him until he blesses you &c— we are entitled to the Same blessings. Jesus, Revelations, Just men, &c— Angels &c. &c. not Laying again the doctrine of Christ go on to perfection. Obtain that holy Spirit of promise— Then you can be to Eternal Life.— [2/3 page blank] [p. 79]


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